About Dr. Rod Berger

Dr. Rod Berger

Dr. Rod Berger is Vice President of Education at RANDA Solutions, an education technology company located in Nashville, Tenn. He generates relationships and develops brands in the education industry, hosts an international education podcasts, develops education-related content and presentations, and leads social media initiatives.

Dr. Berger is the executive editor of “Voices,” a section of India’s Ed Tech Review. He serves as adjunct faculty and SME for Argosy University Online and authored the school’s Psychology of Gender course. Dr. Berger is guest lecturer for Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management (Leadership Development), and is a published author, national speaker and former national radio show host. Dr. Berger is an Advisory Board member for Stop Cyberbullying Global.

“My hope is that we can shrink the classrooms of the world—to share in the amazing developments of education technology, blended learning and much more. I love to connect teachers from distant parts of the globe seeing how they impact students together,” Dr. Berger said.